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Heather Grahamed

29 Jan

Good Evening, all! My daughter and I watched Judy Moody and the not so Bummer Summer last night, and I got this warm fuzzy feeling in me. We all know that feeling….diarrhea. Just kidding, but I did get hit with style inspiration!  Heather Graham has such a free-spirited, hippie’ish style and I wanted to recreate that, so I dug through my closet and this is what I came up with. I really liked how it all came together! Oh, and you’re not crazy,  my hair didn’t grow 10 inches last night, I have been experimenting with wigs for the past few months and I’m hooked! I’ve been really enjoying this one, which is full lace and human hair, so it can be styled just like your own (and in my case, better than my own).  I styled it with big waves and flat ironed all the ends, to give it that beachy, tousled look. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it, and it’s made so well, that most people don’t even know it’s a wig until I tell them. So, who have you been inspired by style-wise lately?

Purple Tee – Target

Kimono top – Ebay (Zara knockoff)

Faux fur vest – Goodwill

Skinny jeans – American Eagle

Minnetonka moccasins – Goodwill

Necklace – Goodwill



Don’t tell me you missed me..

23 Jan

Ok, the angry e-mails and letters can stop already, I’m back. Just kidding, but if you think that I really AM that popular:

a.) You severely overestimate me.
b.) I want to be your friend.

Today’s outfit looks like a print monster threw up on me. I wanted to see how many prints I could pack into one outfit before being contacted by the authorities. The stripes, gingham, herringbone, leopard, and whatever print you want to call this debaucle of a hair color that I have going on right now, seems to have married quite well, in my opinion. The herringbone print of the vest is really tiny, so it lets the stripes and gingham play nicely together, without overwhelming the whole look. And a leopard print is ALWAYS invited to my outfit party! I don’t care what you say, leopard is a neutral!! I added the neutral tights to winterize the whole thing. The necklace was just thrown in to add some color, although I think I could have gotten away with not adding a splash of color, since the mixing of prints is visually interesting enough on its own. What do you guys think? How many prints are TOO MANY prints? Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

Gingham button up – Target

Express navy striped dress – Goodwill

Brown vest – Goodwill

Brown tights – Wal-Mart

Necklace – J.C. Penny (clearance)

Leopard flats – Target