Beauty Steal Alert! Wet N’ Wild!

21 May

Hi everybody! I can’t wait to share my most recent beauty bargain with you guys! Nail polishes are one of my favorite beauty items second only to lipstick, but it is so hard to find affordable nail polish that doesn’t chip within 3 hours of drying. It’s so frustrating! It makes me wanna tie somebody naked to a chair and burn them with lit cigarettes! Just kidding, sort of. That’s why I almost pooped my pants when I saw these new Wet N’ Wild Megalast nail polishes at my local Dollar General for, wait for it, TWO DOLLARS a piece! Now usually, Essie is the only thing that touches my nails due to it’s wonderful staying power and blinding shine, but at $8.00 a bottle, it can get kind of steep. So I decided what the heck, the Wet N’ Wild eyeshadows are the (that’s another post all on it’s own)so for two dollars, what can it hurt? Good news! They’re awesome! The pigmentation and color payoff are awesome! I applied two coats of the pink sparkly one on Friday night and I have had only one tiny chip since then. Granted, I did buff out my nails, use a base coat, and use my Essie Good to Go top coat, but those are steps that we all should be doing anyway. I only got three for right now, but next time I go to the Dollar Store, I will DEFINATELY  be picking up more. If you get a chance to pick these up, go for it. I know they carry Wet N’ Wild at CVS and Walgreens, along with some Wal-Marts and at Ulta, as well as several places online.

Have you found any to die for  affordable beauty items lately? Please let me know and tell me all about them!

The colors from left to right are Sweet Tooth, Lean and Green, and Punch It Up. (the pictures don’t do them justice, especially the green, it’s a true emerald color)

. 2013-05-20 22.21.01


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