Show your stripes..and your spots..

14 May

Hey guys! I tried my hand at mixing stripes today, and I have to say, I’m diggin’ it. It’s nothing major, I figured I would start with something small like a scarf (that I could take off later if I decided I didn’t like it) and work my way up from there. But this may just be one of my favorite looks so far! (insert Napoleon Dynamite style “yessssssss” here). It’s also super practical. Skirts and dresses with pockets touch a place in my heart like only few things can. Have you tried the mixing stripes trend yet? Did you start off small, or go balls to the wall?

2013-05-14 10.58.552013-05-14 11.01.08

Striped Calvin Klein shirt – Goodwill

Striped scarf – Goodwill

Black Old Navy skirt – Goodwill

Leopard Flats – Target


2 Responses to “Show your stripes..and your spots..”

  1. kittehluvs May 14, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    such a cute outfit! I love stripes!

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