Scarlett Swagg..

21 Feb

2013-02-20 19.07.13

Okay, so she’s got a ‘tude, but, hey, she comes by it naturally. But aside from my saucy side, stringy brown hair, and love of lipstick, I also passed down to my baby girl the love of menswear inspired fashion. I love to see little girls in boys clothes. It just makes me giddy inside! The vintage letterman’ish cardigan was thrifted from Goodwill. The white tee and jeans were both part of a clothing lot that I purchased on ebay. The Chuck Taylors were new when I got them, but she wears them almost every day. It’s hard to find shoes and clothes that she doesn’t completely demolish on the gravel playground at her pre-school. Converse are some of the few that I’ve found that hold up until she outgrows them, so I always repurchase them when she has a growth spurt. Plus they are adorable and she gets the satisfaction of “tying her shoes” when she velcros them herself. The bandana was purchased at Wal-Mart. And, I know, the peter pan collar type necklace is somewhat impractical and she won’t wear it to school, but I had to do it. What about you? How do you style your babies?


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