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In the words of Aristotle..

22 Feb


No outfit today, but this was just¬†too cute (and true) to pass up! How polite are you being today? ūüôā


Scarlett Swagg..

21 Feb

2013-02-20 19.07.13

Okay, so she’s got a ‘tude, but, hey, she comes by it naturally. But aside from my saucy side, stringy brown hair,¬†and love of lipstick, I also passed down to my baby girl the love of menswear inspired fashion. I love to see little girls in boys clothes. It just makes me giddy inside! The vintage letterman’ish cardigan was thrifted from Goodwill. The white tee and jeans were both part of a clothing lot that I purchased on ebay. The¬†Chuck Taylors¬†were new when I got them, but she wears them almost every day. It’s hard to find shoes and clothes that she doesn’t completely demolish on the gravel playground at her pre-school. Converse are some of the few that I’ve found that hold up until she outgrows them, so I always repurchase them when she has a growth spurt. Plus they are adorable and she gets the satisfaction of “tying her shoes” when she velcros them herself. The bandana was purchased at Wal-Mart. And, I know, the peter pan collar type necklace is somewhat impractical and she won’t wear it to school, but I had to do it. What about you? How do you style your babies?

Goodwill Haul!

20 Feb

2013-02-18 14.10.55

Gray Banana Republic Blazer – 3.99

2013-02-18 14.11.06


2013-02-18 14.11.58

I ‚̧ houndstooth!! Liz Claiborne Red Houndstooth Cardigan – 2.99

2013-02-18 14.13.03

F21 Turtleneck Dress – 3.99

2013-02-18 14.14.20

More Houndstooth! My Lucky Day! F21 coat – 4.99

2013-02-18 14.15.57

Blue Old Navy puffy coat Р8.99 (was right beside the houndstooth coat, dunno why the cost is so different, but you will run into that at thrift stores)



2013-02-18 14.16.55

Vintage Blue and Black Beaded Blouse – 1.99

2013-02-18 14.17.29

Navy Blue Cardigan – 1.99

2013-02-18 14.18.47

Calvin Klein Black and White Striped Shirt – 1.99

2013-02-18 14.21.03

2013-02-18 14.21.24

You can see the cute detail better in this one.

2013-02-18 14.22.05

Vintage Ann Taylor Wool Skirt Р2.99

2013-02-18 14.22.46

Vintage Wolf Tee – 1.99

2013-02-18 14.23.52

Coldwater Creek Cardigan – 2.99

2013-02-18 14.24.59

Found this dapper little cardigan in the baby boys section for $1.00, but my three year old daughter can totally rock it! She’s very Shiloh Pitt-Jolie. ūüôā

2013-02-18 14.25.39

Also found her this cute garanimals skirt – 1.00

2013-02-18 14.27.15

Green and Yellow Scarf – 1.00

2013-02-18 14.28.13

Coral and White Scarf – 1.00

2013-02-18 14.29.01

Whatever this is – .50

So needless to say, I made out like a bandit this go around! I am also planning a trip to a Goodwill Superstore soon! Color me excited! If there is anything in particular from this haul that you guys would like me to style first or you have a favorite, just let me know! I’m also planning some¬†Thrifty Swagg outfits of the day featuring my 3 year old daughter. ¬†Y’all have a good day! There will be more outfits and sarcastic quips coming soon!!

Poppin’ Poppin’ my Collar

1 Feb


It’s amazing how much just one small tweak can completely change the look of something. Just ask Kenny Rogers after his plastic surgery. He’ll tell ya. ¬†I didn’t really love the look of this outfit until I popped up the collar underneath my scarf.¬†Talk about going¬†from ho-hum to 80’s cool kid! So next time you are not¬†just in love with what you are wearing, try¬†tucking in¬†the shirt, rolling up sleeves or pant cuffs, or adding a big fluffy scarf.¬†These¬†are just a few of the many things you can do to ad extra¬†interest to any ensemble. Just use your imaginagion, play with it, and have fun! <–That’s what she said.


White Express Button Up – Goodwill

Purple Cardigan – Goodwill

Gray Infinity Scarf – Rue 21

Rock Revival Jeans – birthday present from last year

Gold Buckle Flats – Old..I’ve had them for around 4 or 5 years

Pearl-ish earrings – Forever 21