Humpty Hump Day

30 Jan

Ok, i’ll admit, this is not the outfit I wore today. We have had some pretty icky weather here the last few days so it’s been a black hoodie/jeans/converse/ponytail/five minute face kind of day, but I feel like I have a style blog with two posts and no outfits yet.  Go me! I’ve always known how to prioritize <— not gonna lie, I just googled how to spell that. So here it is, my first real life outfit! The picture quality is terrible but, I promise I will step my game up soon. The brown sweater and skinny jeans were thrifted from Goodwill and Plato’s Closet, respectively <—Five dollar word, holla! I originally got the wool sweater for my husband out of the mens department, but “wife of the year” right here threw it in the dryer on high heat and it shrunk considerably. Oh well, every girl needs a nice baby poop brown, itchy wool sweater in her life, right? The chambray shirt was new when I bought it but I swear, I wear that thing at least twice a week so i’m getting my money’s worth out of it. It’s worth a splurge every now and then for those very versatile, staple items (It’s bad when a $20.oo shirt is considered a splurge *hangs head in shame*). The necklace is a J.Crew wannabe that I purchased at CATO for around $16.oo. Pretty good steal, considering the originals from J. Crew are $150.00. I snatched up the suede-ish red wedges at Payless when I saw a $10.00 clearance tag on it *SCORE*!

Hair= getting up too late, high ponytail, lots of hairspray and teasing, and about 7,824 bobby pins.

Sorry if it looks like I just smelled a fart. I never know how to pose my face for picures. You’ll soon learn the severity of my awkwardness.


Happy Hump Day, homies!


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