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Pregnant Pants..

31 Jan


I CHOPPED IT OFF! And i’m so glad! I dried my hair in 3 minutes this morning and it was wonderful! But, alas, in all the excitement I forgot to get my eyebrows waxed, so it still looks like i’m walking around with two mirror imaged Burt Reynold’s mustaches above my eyes. Ruh-Roh!  But enough about my unwanted facial hair. Today’s outfit is COMPLETELY thrifted! I’m a sucker for a good turtleneck, so I grabbed this black and gray striped number at Goodwill. I scored the leopard “scarf” at a garage sale for a DIME! (That’s top of the line, cute face, little wasit, and a big behind…) <– Gotta love a good Mike Jones reference. I had to cut some big chunks of hot glue off of the darn thing, so heaven knows what they were using it for, but it has a happy home in my closet now. The moccassins were thrifted from Goodwill also, but please don’t ask me to take them off, I wear them so much they smell something like fritos corn chips. Which reminds me, is it lunchtime yet?? These ultra-comfy white pants are actually from the maternity section at Goodwill, which brings me to today’s thrifting tip. Don’t just shop in your “designated” section. Menswear can offer really cute oversized sweaters and button-ups that you could rock with a belt or tights. Even the little kids section can have some cute blazers or vests every once in a while.What about you? Have you ever found anything awesome at a thrift store in an unlikely section?



Humpty Hump Day

30 Jan

Ok, i’ll admit, this is not the outfit I wore today. We have had some pretty icky weather here the last few days so it’s been a black hoodie/jeans/converse/ponytail/five minute face kind of day, but I feel like I have a style blog with two posts and no outfits yet.  Go me! I’ve always known how to prioritize <— not gonna lie, I just googled how to spell that. So here it is, my first real life outfit! The picture quality is terrible but, I promise I will step my game up soon. The brown sweater and skinny jeans were thrifted from Goodwill and Plato’s Closet, respectively <—Five dollar word, holla! I originally got the wool sweater for my husband out of the mens department, but “wife of the year” right here threw it in the dryer on high heat and it shrunk considerably. Oh well, every girl needs a nice baby poop brown, itchy wool sweater in her life, right? The chambray shirt was new when I bought it but I swear, I wear that thing at least twice a week so i’m getting my money’s worth out of it. It’s worth a splurge every now and then for those very versatile, staple items (It’s bad when a $20.oo shirt is considered a splurge *hangs head in shame*). The necklace is a J.Crew wannabe that I purchased at CATO for around $16.oo. Pretty good steal, considering the originals from J. Crew are $150.00. I snatched up the suede-ish red wedges at Payless when I saw a $10.00 clearance tag on it *SCORE*!

Hair= getting up too late, high ponytail, lots of hairspray and teasing, and about 7,824 bobby pins.

Sorry if it looks like I just smelled a fart. I never know how to pose my face for picures. You’ll soon learn the severity of my awkwardness.


Happy Hump Day, homies!

Get yo do’ dipped and yo’ flip whipped

29 Jan

I’ve been growing my hair for about 3 years from a pixie cut, and what a long road it has been! It’s getting close to armpit length and, although long hair looks uber-glam from far away, dealing with it on a day-to-day basis is not all its cracked up to be. More shampoo and conditioner, longer drying time, and longer styling time are a few long hair woes that this lil NON-morning person has a hard time dealing with! So i’m thinking about going with this cute long inverted bob, minus the chunk of purple (or blue, I can’t tell). I’m also thinking about adding some blonde or caramel ombre highlights on the front tips.


So, what does this have to do with thrifty outfits, you may be asking? As a matter of fact, your hairstyle can be the make or break factor of most outfits, especially the unique finds you purchase at thrift stores. There is a fine line between wearing a supercool outfit with a vintage vibe, and looking like you got caught in a very unfortunate time warp accident. One of the main factors to make a vintage or thrifted piece look modern and cool is a modern or, depending how brave you are, trendy, hairstyle to pull it all together, wether it’s long, short, or inbetween. How about you? Do you mind dealing with the extra work of having long, sexy,  luxurious locks, or do you prefer the no muss, no fuss,  “less sexy-more spunky”  route of short hair? How has a different or fresh haircut worked for you in your style situation?

My first ever blog post!

28 Jan

Hello to all of my fellow fashionistas, thriftinistas, beautinistas and all you other ‘istas, and welcome to Thrifty Swagg! Come follow me on my thrift store and drug store adventures where I share my tips and tricks on how to cop a Dom Perignon style on a Keystone budget! More to come soon!